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COVID-19 Survey

Just when we all thought the COVID-19 Pandemic was finally starting to wind down, the new Omicron strain arrived unexpectedly, plunging our community and the rest of the world back into another period of uncertainty. The higher transmissibility of Omicron has meant that if each of us hasn't come down with a case of COVID-19 ourselves, someone close to us likely has. Once again, we have all needed to adapt.

A lot has changed since Social Planning Cowichan conducted the last round of COVID-19 Community Surveys last winter. To reflect these changes, we have re-tooled this latest survey to shift the focus away from how we were all feeling isolated at home during the early days of the pandemic, toward how we are getting on with our lives and learning to live with an ever-changing situation. 


This is our third round of surveying the community. Rather than being split into four topics as we did with the last two rounds, we have consolidated the topics into two surveys, while expanding to include more subject matter that feels more pertinent to the situation at the beginning of 2022, nearly two years into this pandemic. 

It's important to find out how things have changed and how people are being impacted locally since earlier periods during the pandemic. Please take some time and complete the this third set of surveys since the pandemic began by selecting one of the topics below. Each one is a distinct survey, and we hope that you will take the time to complete both. Click through for results from our 2021 Winter Check-In Surveys, and our initial Spring 2020 Surveys.

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