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Covid Survey Results 

Spring 2020 Survey Results 

The COVID-19 illness and resulting global pandemic has altered our day to day lives in unprecedented ways.
As we leave our homes and some get back to work, reflecting on how these times affected you is important for shaping how we recover to ensure everyone has what they need.

Social Planning Cowichan has been gathering information and collecting experiences on the COVID-19 crisis in the Cowichan Region through a series of Spring COVID-19 Community Surveys. 

The results of these surveys are now available through four COVID-19 Community Snapshots, found below.
As we have moved through the pandemic we continue to learn how to adapt to life with a virus. 
To see what the community had to say though this challenging time, click through the graphics below to view each file that corresponds with each survey. The methodology and background information on these surveys can be found here

New Winter Survey's are up now as we are looking to check in with you to find out what has changed, how the pandemic is impacting your life, family, work, and well being. The Winter Survey will be open until mid February and can be found by following this link. 

What's our community's COVID-19 story?



Our second round of surveys will be live until January 15, 2021 and can be found here

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