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Welcome to 

the Heartbeat 

of Cowichan

Welcome to the Fifth Edition of the Cowichan Community Snapshotsbringing the Status of the Community reports into the digital era presenting information that is interactive, up-to-date, downloadable with built-in report links and comparative data information. Every five years when census Canada publishes results, we develop an entire new set of Snapshots that are updated annually until the next census. Beginning in 2024, our Snapshots will be revised to take on a new form. 

What is the purpose of these Community Snapshots?
The purpose of these reports is to provide us with a series of “snapshots” that take an overview of the status and trends throughout our region, highlight what we have achieved, and identify areas of concern for us to come together and address. You can search individual Snapshots by category by clicking on the links below.
These reports are living documents and are updated annually. 

​The principles that guide this work are defined in the Earth Charter and the Social Determinants of Health.

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