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Employment Opportunities

Community Researcher
Summer Student Position

(July 4 to August 26th, 2022)

Social Planning Cowichan has a summer student position available to assist with community research and communications on two projects:

  • Updating and redesigning community indicator data for the Cowichan Valley Region, including our annual Community Snapshots, that assess everything from health and well-being to transportation and safety, and our ongoing COVID-19 Community Surveys, that regularly assess the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on individuals and households.

  • Archival and historical research for an upcoming educational installation on Canada’s colonial history (Thu-it)

We are looking for someone who loves to do research and data analysis about community issues, and archival and historical research. We are also looking for someone who can use their creative gifts to share information with the community by developing graphic design materials for our website and social media that are accurate, interesting and concise. If you are curious, have a great sense of humour, excellent communication skills, and an ability to connect with people in diverse situations, then we hope you’ll apply!

Click here to download our full job description in .PDF format.

Social Planning Cowichan and Quw’utsun’ Cultural Connections Society
Digital Media Editing and Production Support

Summer Student Position

(July 4 to August 26th, 2022)

Social Planning Cowichan is offering one summer student position with the Quw’utsun’ Cultural Connections Society to assist our team to edit and install an innovative multi-media production, Thu-it (Truth). Thu-it will run at the Cowichan Valley Arts Council gallery Sept 6 – Oct 6, 2022. Visitors will immerse themselves in an impactful interactive visual and sensory experience that takes them through more than 150 years of colonial history, shared through Quw’utsun’ Elders’ cultural teachings and personal stories of residential schools, Indian hospitals and ongoing colonial policies.

Tasks: Under the supervision of our Film-Making and Production team and the guidance of Quw’utsun’ Elder advisors, tasks may include:

  • Produce, select and edit digital media content (video, audio, historical and current photographic materials).

  • Assist with technical phases of installing a two-hour multi-media production (set construction, projection, sound and visual installation, computer programming, etc.) working with Creative Cloud platforms.

  • Serve as technical trouble-shooters for set up and testing of the installation with select public groups.

  • Assist with promotion and marketing of the Thu-it event.

  • Establish an archival system to store and access Indigenous digital content.


About the Role
We are offering a chance to work on a unique, innovative, creative project with a small, passionate team that is stepping up to meet this unprecedented time, this journey of our generation to address reconciliation. You will also have an opportunity to work with and support the vision of a unique group of Quw’utsun’ Elders who do this work for their grandchildren, so that they may live in a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members live together with dignity, equality, safety and prosperity on the lands we now share. Our workplace offers a creative, inclusive, and flexible work environment where you will have a chance to learn about our colonial history, Indigenous cultural teachings and apply your creative and technical skills in a way that will change people’s minds and hearts.

Click here to download our full job description in .PDF format.

Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And don't lose the passion and the love for what you do.
Nadia Comameci

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