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Interested in becoming a Living Wage Employer in the Cowichan Region? Local employers experience many benefits in providing their staff with a Living Wage, including lower absenteeism and employee turnover, and increased employee retention and productivity, resulting in savings on rehiring and retraining. Employers providing a Living Wage also receive public recognition and become more attractive to consumers, and the broader community. Studies have also found that in the case of living wage practices, business can expect to see improved job quality, productivity, and service delivery, as stresses from economic anxiety are eliminated and incentives are restructured, so resulting in an instant return when viewed in terms of productivity. Lastly, employers providing a Living Wage experience greater corporate social responsibility and firm reputation which leads to becoming an employer of choice, necessary for retaining a talented and motivated workforce.

The living wage practice has been shown to be an effective business model, and as such has already engendered significant support from communities and business across British Columbia, Ontario, and in other parts of the world. Higher pay has been shown to translate directly into a healthier economy, as much of the money continues to be spent and recirculate locally.

Social Planning Cowichan is excited to launch our Living Wage certification process in early 2022. If you wish to be contacted with further information regarding how to certify your business as a Living Wage employer in the Cowichan Region, please fill out the form below as an expression of your interest in the program, and we will be in touch soon with the next steps on the way to certification.

We look forward to celebrating your business as a Living Wage employer!


“The Business Case for Paying a Living Wage”
"Living Wage Municipal Toolkit" 

Please fill out the following form as an expression of interest in becoming a Cowichan Region Living Wage employer:

Thank you for your interest!
We will be in touch soon.

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